Girls come in all bodies all shapes and sizes all genders all sexes all sexualities and Barf Troop is for all of them 💖


who is excited for the breakbeast bideo???

How about a contest? if you donate at least $5 to getting The Coalition Zine published here, leave a comment saying the Troop sent you and I’ll pick a winner at random to win a Barf Troop shirt or a phone case, your choice! This project closes August 15, 2014 (11:59pm PT), you have until then! Go go go, support girls of color doing their thing!

- justin baber


soon 😏

The break beast video is 100% completed and will be released soon.


Rookie Magazine Friday Playlist: Alien She

An alien girl finds herself on an unknown planet and begins her long journey home, but she’s not sure what home is anymore. It’s an existential crisis of the third kind—one that calls for songs of exploration, fear, and excitement, presented by the all-girl rap group Barf Troop.

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That’s amazing! :’) Be sure to listen if you haven’t!

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🌺Thank you babes for answering a meager peasant like me🌺 I've told both my chill and non chill friends to check you out!

Thank you for the support!!!!!

Salute to you, barf babe~

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Hi, could you post the lyrics to new religion? I love your stuff and I'm a barf babe 4 life.

bow your heads and close your eyes/and get into this heavenly vibe/the fox goddess here in your eardrums/and It’s enough to make a church boy cum/five feet tall but cuter than your main bitch/casting rap spells black sabrina the teenage witch/you don’t like me but i got your man/cold lampin in my room cause he’s a diehard fan/ugly niggas please keep your mouth closed/stay mad as hell that we pullin pretty hoes/fans from cali all the way to japan/we aint quittin anytime soon/you might as well bump this jam/baberella baberella only fuck with pretty fellas/then she’s dipping out at 12/like her name was cinderella/get into this new religion/she’s the one you need to follow/baby goddess is the hottest/say goodbye to all your sorrows/now all my barf babes can you put your hands up/say the motto one time “upchuck or get fucked”/we takin over one blog at a time/that belong to white hoes looking dirtier than grimes/all black everything always on my goddess game/a gold ring on each finger like i’m trinidad james/these niggas get online just to talk shit/but they’re still broke as fuck living in their mom’s basement