A mixtape!! Just in time for the perfect barf troop holiday, HALLOWEEN! The holiday of killing, blood, murder, guts and grime. It’s basically the troop in a holiday so it’s only right we released a mixtape! Featuring the first full song by BABEOLF HITLER and THE DEBUT OF JUSTIN BABER!! Just what you needed to make your halloween gross and fucking horrid and we’re just the right cunts to make that happen~  ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Track List:

Lotus Root Soup | Babe Field (ft. Babeo Baggins)

KILL3R BABE | Babeolf Hitler

Hweenage Dream | Justin Baber

The Scene In Beetlejuice When He Rubs That Half-Girls Leg | Babenstien

Lookout | Babeo Baggins

thank you to everyone who fucks with us!! we love you guys, truly truly.

We hope your halloween is disgusting as fuck and that you get pussy and dick right were you want it, and candy too I guess.

(and also thank you to suicideyear for the great beat on babeolf hitler’s song KILL3R BABE!)

-Babeo B

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    happy first day of halloween everybody
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    Hey buddies please check out Barf Troop’s Halloween tape!!! We fuck heavily!! With the Troop!!!!
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